Construction Phase

During construction, we maintain constant communication with our clients and we are always open to your ideas and input on each step of the process. It is crucial that we keep you up to date on the progress of your house, as we continually will need information from you concerning your selections on allowance items, and your input on the overall progress of your home. We regularly issue you RFIs, or Request For Information forms, which give you deadlines for your selections on certain items like cabinetry, plumbing and electrical fixtures. We also have regular on-site meetings with our designers, subcontractors and you, the client, to go over your selections and how they fit into the house.

When the work is nearing completion, we go through the project and develop a “punch list” of missing items or items that need correction. After we get all these finished, the final payment is made, and we provide you with a Certificate of Occupancy. We also supply any warranties and manuals for any items that are installed in the house and our one-year warranty will begin, according to our contract.

During the first year of any newly constructed house, it is common for some shrinkage cracks to occur. Doors and cabinets may go out of adjustment. We cover a wide variety of these things in our warranty, and we are very prompt to fix them if they occur. Erdkamp Construction is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our clients in helping to fulfill their dreams of a new custom home.

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The Processes

  • Phase 1: Design 
  • Phase 2: Bidding & Negotiation