Bidding and Negotiation Phase

Following the completion of the Construction Drawings, we will distribute these plans among our subcontractors and suppliers, to solicit cost proposals for each step in the building process. This will give us a much clearer idea of what the house will cost. We will then submit to you a detailed cost breakdown. It will include all of the house construction costs, including fees, permits, site work and landscaping, exterior paving, items installed and built in to the house and our overhead and profit. This fixed sum contract price will not change unless:

  • unforeseen site conditions appear, like rock or unsuitable soils
  • selections for allowance items run over the amounts we have allocated for them
  • changes are made by you, the Owner

After the pricing is complete and everyone agrees on a figure, we take the final plans to the County for review and issuance of a building permit. After the building permit is issued, the work commences.

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The Processes

  • Phase 1: Design 
  • Phase 3: Construction