Master Builder Profile

Bill began working in the construction industry in 1970. Starting in interior woodworking, he quickly expanded his knowledge and finesse to include framing, exterior trim carpentry, and concrete. After two short years, he began doing general contracting, and Erdkamp Construction was born.

Now a highly renowned builder, Bill finds that his greatest strength lies in his attention to detail, a quality that is often lost in the fast-paced industry of custom home building. You might think that after 35 years, this business would no longer be exciting to Bill, but his eyes still light up at the prospect of even a small improvement to the original design. Building a home that is unique to each client is his goal, and customer satisfaction is essential.

Some builders are driven by aspirations for wealth or personal triumph. Bill just wants to help you build your dreams.

  • Construction philosophies and design processes. 
  • About Erdkamp Construction 
  • Introduction to building your own custom home in Colorado.